Will Your Next Printer be an Inkjet?

Several years ago, business inkjets were not the most popular device in an office. Managed print services for medium-to-large corporations all but did away with personal printers and most of them were business inkjets or small laser printers. But there has been a resurgence of inkjets. There are several reasons that business inkjets are appealing to office workers:

  • Fast print speed
  • Low cost/page
  • Fewer user interventions
  • Acceptable print quality

The most common inkjet printer complaint used to be the high cost of ink. However, with new cartridges, printhead technologies, and user-replaceable printheads, SMBs are taking a second look.

Photizo’s assessment is the balance of power in the office is shifting. Laser still dominates, but inkjet is showing the ability to challenge laser. Testing agencies are now calling some inkjet printers “laser-class inkjets.”

Big questions remain – how fast will corporate buyers adopt inkjet technology?  Is the laser bias dying (or even dead)?

Photizo feels that these topics are so important (to both inkjet and laser manufacturers) that we are launching a new service – “Ink in the Office Advisory Service” to track the competitors, market dynamics, technologies, and trends. Look for more commentary, data, and insights on these key questions in our new advisory service. If you would like more information on this service, please contact your Global Consulting Executive, Mario Diaz, Ron Iversen, or Mark Dildilian, our inside Sales and Client Services manager.

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